NYU Langone Health has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers through their devotion to excellence in patient care, education, and research. They also realize the importance of being committed to the evolution and perception of their brand, so we’re helping them raise their profile even higher.

Over the years of our partnership we’ve kept our finger on the pulse by taking on a steady stream of strategic, design, and tactical projects. Although diverse in size, scope, and service, they all require the same passion for problem solving. Whether it’s developing a new name and visual identity system, constructing a comprehensive digital brand center, or managing the meticulous craftsmanship of a doctor’s coat, anything and everything we do is targeted at helping NYU Langone Health become one of the top medical destinations in the world.


Name and Identity Update

NYU Langone Health logo.png

Visual Identity System


Brand Guidelines


Brand Center


Special Projects: Sports Performance Center Brochure

NYU _sports_performance.jpg

Special Projects: Virtual Urgent Care Animation


Special Projects: Concussion Center Animation


Special Projects: Concussion Center Brochure


Special Projects: Organ Donor Awareness Animation


Special Projects: NYU School of Medicine 175 Year Celebration Icon


Special Projects: NYU Langone 10 Year Challenge Coin


 Special Projects: Stroke Awareness Animation


Special Projects: Information Design


Special Project: Patterns


Special Projects: Illustration Style


Illustration Style: Concussion


Illustration Style: Instagram