Looking to the future, Dartmouth Health wanted to ensure their brand was inclusive of all of its member locations, while keeping what was unique and important to each local community.


With a proud history dating back to 1893, Dartmouth Health had grown into an eight-member hospital system, forming the largest and #1 hospital system in New Hampshire.

Applied was tasked with creating a new visual and verbal system for Dartmouth Health to reflect and celebrate the high-quality care it provides across New Hampshire and Vermont, bolstered by world-class teaching and research that combines to make their academic health system one of the nation’s best. 

The brand positioning, “World-class care woven into the fabric of our communities,” was created to serve as the strategic foundation for the branding work. This comes to life through “The Weave” in the Dartmouth Health logo and “The Woven Bar” graphic device that represents the coming together of locations and the strength of the network. The arrangement of the interlacing threads evokes a sense of collaboration and integration across their organization.

The bright colors and fresh visual look reflect the natural setting of Dartmouth Health and inspire confidence in both patients and employees so that they can trust Dartmouth Health will be here for them well into the future.

Photographers: Caleb Kenna, Mike Ritter and Mark Washburn