A mature, mysterious mocktail that is instantly evocative of New Orleans’ smoky jazz, and late night revelry in the steamy French Quarter.


Mockly® recently introduced a new line of non-alcoholic cocktails, Second Line. This new line aimed to meet the burgeoning demand from health-focused consumers who desire sophisticated, culturally rich beverage options without alcohol.

Mockly® Second Line’s signature new flavor Madam L’Orange: Smoldering Citrus Elixir, boasts a mature, mysterious profile that is instantly evocative of the city’s smoky jazz and late night revelry in the steamy French Quarter. 

Mockly® Second Line stands apart as a mocktail that doesn’t try to mimic an existing cocktail without booze, instead it is a quintessentially mature drink for flavor lovers who know how to have a good time no matter what’s in their cup. Liberating spirited drinkers from the dull and lifeless world of beverages without booze, it’s a reminder to savor every moment, indulge in new flavors, and dance to the rhythms of life.

Named for the spirited tradition of New Orleans’ Second Line parades, the new line of Mockly® mocktail flavors capture the creative essence of the fast-paced, freeform, and celebratory brass bands that follow a procession. 

Our packaging design for Mockly® Second Line embodies this distinctly New Orleans experience. The sultry palette of rich colors, elegant typography, and subtle hints of jazz in the artwork transport—as you savor your Mockly® Second Line mocktail. The scent of bright citrus, lingering smoke, and secret spices waft through the air. The hypnotic wail of a slow saxophone, a punctuating burst of a trumpet, and the quiet tinkle of a piano that barely registers tug at your senses.

The objective of the new line was to establish Mockly® as the go-to line of non-alcoholic mocktails and as the go-to choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a premium, culturally immersive drinking experience. The design will highlight how these mocktails capture the essence of New Orleans, offering a unique blend of tradition, taste, and health.

The spirit of the city after midnight.